A Peek at the Week

February 3, 2019

Let's have a happy week all week this week! :-)

Remember that we have a faculty meeting tomorrow. Mr. Binnicker will be here at 3:15 to speak with us about the upcoming bond referendum. Make plans to attend.

Don't Forget!

I will be sharing a document with you shortly. Make a copy of this first. Then, use this document to record your student's scores on the first common formative assessment you created for your promise standard. Send me the date that your team will meet following your CFA. We will be at that meeting to discuss next steps. This is very important as continue on our PLC journey.

A Look Ahead....

On February 28th, we will have an open house event for parents to visit your classrooms. Prior to them visiting your rooms, someone from the district office will be here to talk with our families about the upcoming bond referendum. This is important for us as we will benefit with 8 additional classrooms and security upgrades if it passes. Please put this information in your newsletters so that parents will make plans to atttend.

We planned an Open House at this time for a couple of reasons:

1. This is an important time of the year where we are working hard to move our kids and prepare for state testing. We need to try to connect with parents as much as possible to make sure they understand this and what their child needs to do to be successful.

2. We need to let parents know what they can do to help their child as we inch closer to the end of the year. Talk with your grade level and determine what you feel is most important to share with parents during open house and how you will share that information.

The meeting with the district office will begin in the cafeteria at 5:00. Parents will visit classrooms following that meeting. Let me know if you have any questions.

Goalpost Homework

I have mentioned this before, but it continues to be an issue we need to work together to solve. The purpose of students attending our Goalpost program is for them to have support in completing homework and studying for tests. The majority of students in Goalpost have no one at home to help them with homework as is the case with the majority of our student population. We as a school have the policy to limit homework for our students for this very reason. We must look closely at the reason for homework which is practice for skills taught previously. That practice does not need to be excessive, just enough to give them the practice needed to master the skill. When one teacher has close to 20 students in Goalpost and each student has different homework and a lot of it, it is impossible for that teacher to make sure each child is able to complete their homework. We want our Goalpost program to be effective in helping our students with homework and to study for tests. Please look at what you are giving. Talk with your team about how you can use Goalpost to help you and your students. Even if you are not in the same place as your teammates, what homework can you give as a team that will help your students and allow the time they are in Goalpost to ensure they understand the skill? If all students in a grade level have the same task, the Goalpost teacher can work with the group to ensure all work is completed and that students truly understand what they are doing. Goalpost can really be a benefit to your grade level if we all get on the same page and assign an amount that can be completed during this time. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please let me know.

Remember to take attendance every day.:-)

Upcoming Dates:

February 4th: Faculty meeting with Mr. Binnicker at 3:15, ESOL testing begins

February 7th: Last day for house shirt orders

February 8th: Jet Toy competition at Spearman

February 11th: Read to the Big Game Begins- Encourage your children to participate!

February 12th: Dale Gilbert visits

February 20th: Writing Committee meeting

February 21-22nd: Spring pics

February 22nd: Shirts arrive

February 25th: Pajama Day for Dr. Seuss week

February 26th: Fourth grade testing, Funky Sock Day

February 27th: Waht do you want to be when you grow up?

February 28th: Open House, Green Day

March 1st: Hat Day, House Meetings (Jack Callaham will be here for house meetings :-))

Thank you for all that you do every single day. I know it is hard. The effort and love you put into your work does not go unnoticed. :-)