Wanna Be A Good Artist?

Take Xpert Art Lessons From The Best!

Why and Where?

You should come to Xpert Art Lessons as it offers various art classes and helps go from beginner to pro in no time!! We only charge $20 an hour, so you can have an art experience with a cheap cost! Our art teachers are experts and professionals at their job and they are top-notch! It is located at the Center For Contemporary Arts.

What Do We Offer?

We offer a variety of different art lessons for specific art supplies like paint, color pencils and special markers!


Q: Is there a discount for the first class?

A: Of course! In fact we will give you your first class off free!'

Q: What if we have two people who want to be in the same class?

A: At our lessons we actually offer that if you want two people to come at the same lesson, the cost only ups to $30 per hour.

Q: Who are some of the art instructors

A: well we have a few famous people, including URNY, Kenny Scharf and Liqen.