My Family Tradition

By: Danielle Lee

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Me and my family celebrates christmas because it brings joy and also brings us together. Christmas is really fun and exciting because you get to go shopping and decorate a tree and your house. One of my favorite things to do during christmas is baking and cooking because I like food and its fun to do with the family.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving would have to be one of my favorite days because of the food and family being brought together and there's a lot of laughter. I'm always happy about thanksgiving not just because of the food just because my Auntie Tyneisha usually comes here from oklahoma to celebrate with us.

Family Adventures

About 2-4 times a year we would travel to California or Las Vegas for the holidays to spend time with family and friends. Me and my family is always happy about traveling because it get's us out the house and have so fun spending time with each other.