Alkaline Earth Metals

Owen K, Jenny S, Natalie Z, Dane W, Derek M, and Ryan W

Beryllium (Be); Atomic Number: 4

Beryllium is not a widely used element. But when it is used it is used in missiles and spacecrafts, to do this the crystal needs to be broken down and refined. Beryllium is not a highly reactive element in the Alkaline earth metal group. For more info on Beryllium click here:
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Magnesium (Mg); Atomic Number: 12

Magnesium is found in the earth's crust and used in the chemical industry. Also it is used to help with plants and animals. Magnesium fire starters are very effective.
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Calcium (Ca); Atomic Number: 20

Strontium (Sr); Atomic Number: 38

Barium (Ba); Atomic Number: 56

Barium is not an extensively used. It is mostly used in drilling fluids for oil and gas wells. Barium also has medical uses. It helps with X-Rays, by being in Barium meal. Barium meal is a test that allows you to see into the body. Barium is also found in green fireworks.

Link to my Smore on Barium:

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Radium (Ra); Atomic Number: 88

Radium is not widely used. It use to be used in watches and clocks to create a luminous glow. Due to deaths of certain factory worker it was discovered as a highly reactive Alkaline earth metal. Here is a link for additional information on Radium.
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