The Buccaneer Bulletin

Veterans Day Edition

HBMS Veterans Day Ceremony - Friday, November 11th

Purpose and Outline

Purpose: HBMS will put on a Veterans Day ceremony to honor staff and family members who have served/currently serve in the military.

Date: Friday, November 11th

Time: 10-10:45 am (Veterans can arrive between 9:30-9:45am for a light breakfast)

Events: Performances by band, orchestra, choir, dance, and art, speech by a Veteran teacher, and the honoring of Veterans

To Our Veterans...

  • HBMS parents/guardians/grandparents/community members that are veterans are invited to the ceremony.
  • We have limited space in the gym, so not ALL parents are invited to the ceremony. Only those who are veterans.
  • We will have seating prepared for these honored guests.
  • Arrive between 9:30-9:45am to enjoy a light breakfast before the ceremony.
  • Bring your photo ID/driver's license in order to sign in and get a visitor's badge.

Please RSVP for this Veteran's Day Ceremony using THIS LINK. We look forward to honoring you in this way!

Veterans Day Slideshow

Does your family have someone who served in the United States Military? We would love to honor our veterans in a slideshow during the Veterans Day ceremony.

Please fill out one of these 3 templates to add to our display. Share or email your final slides to Ms. Capp at To share a google slide click the "Share" button at the top left, and add Julianne Cappadonna Smith.

To Our Students...

In order to support our veterans and show spirit, please wear the following colors on Friday, November 11th:

6th Grade: White

7th Grade: Blue

8th Grade: Red