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Mazuma - The UK's Number 1 Mobile Phone Recycler?

With the release of their new TELEVISION adverts showcasing Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee, Mazuma seem to be everywhere. The brand-new advert is magic themed and functions their brand mascot, Maz. They have actually spread their new campaign onto their Facebook fan page where they'll be introducing magic -themed competitions and fluorescent bulb recycling.

They say they've paid out 50million GBP up until now to customers for their old mobile phones and research shows that 65 % of users would recommend them.

So is it really as good as it sounds and what are the benefits of mobile phone recycling?

The process of recycling your old phone with Mazuma is simple. You can choose to be paid in cash, or Argos vouchers if you would like 10 % more value from your old mobile. Within 2 Days Mazuma sends you confirmation and a freepost envelope for you to return your phone. When they get it, they examine to see if it works and if everything's OK they pay you within another 48 hours.

Mazuma believe reuse is a key aspect of recycling and by making it simple, more mobiles will end up helping the establishing world rather than damaging the environment.

So what happens to your old phone? Redundant phones are processed and then reused in developing markets such as China, Africa, Pakistan and India, so your old phones help in improving and developing communications in these economies.

Mobile phone recycling really is the green thing to do and it looks like we're going to keep getting reminded about it more and more as it becomes more mainstream. Why not do your bit for your pocket and the environment and find out how much your old phone deserves?If you want to read more information, please Going Here