Rummy - U Can't Fake Till U Make it

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Reasons that you can't fake Rummy untill you make it

Many a time when you are going through a phase where you are depressed or lacking confidence, you are advised to fake a positive outlook or confidence till you actually start feeling the fake mien you have taken on is actually true. This may be a very good piece of advice when it comes to many things in life, but when it comes to a game like 13 cards rummy that is based on rules and regulations. You really have to know the rules and how to play the game to be able to make sense of the game.

Here are a few reasons why you cannot fake it till you make it in a game like rummy:

  • 13 cards rummy is a game of skill and this means that you need to find out what skills are required to play and make an effort to learn the skill and then apply it to the game. There is no way you can fake the knowledge regarding the skills required for the game

  • There is no way you can fake knowledge or understanding of the rules of rummy. What is more, there are many variants of the game which necessitate you to really make an effort to learn the rules of each variant so that you can enjoy the game to the fullest. If you are simply going to pretend to have knowledge and play the game anyway, you will find that not only do you not enjoy the game but it could also result in losses.

  • Online rummy though largely based on the offline game has a few variations that make it essential for a player to be more alert. There are factors like the timing allotted for each player to make his/ her move, the way the cards are melded at the end of each game, the penalty for making a wrong show, the fact that once you have discarded a card there is no option to picking it up and you never know who you end up playing against. Taking into consideration all these factors there is very leeway for a player to fake knowledge or make any moves based on assumptions.

  • Another important factor that says things cannot be faked in online rummy is that the game is a rather objective one. This means there is a right way of doing things and this is as per the rules that have been established and there is wrong way of doing things and this means not following the rules. There is no ambiguity and faking your way out only works when things are vague

We can conclude that though Indian Rummy Online is a simple yet beguiling game that is based on certain rules and prerequisites. This makes learning the rules of the game before you start playing a very vital component of your skill set. There is no way you can simply jump into the game without being aware of the rules. However the one thing you can do is avail the option of playing free games as a means of familiarizing yourself with the rules of rummy and also the way the site is created so that you can make it into the category of a great player.


The main feature of rummy is that being a game that needs skills to play one needs to not only have the skills but also be well-versed with the rules. In this aspect a player cannot pretend to know how to play the game, he/she has to actually learn it. Not doing so can lead to losses.

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