The Million Dollar Zoo

By: Alexandra Dvorak

Main Attraction

The main attraction of The Million Dollar Zoo is where you can swim with the fish and mammals in the aquarium. You get to go snorkeling in the aquarium where our other guests can see you and take pictures. You can go for 10 to 20 minutes with the animals. You will be able to go underwater and touch the animals and it is 100% safe because you will not be with any sharks or fish with teeth. You will have the time of your life with all of those fish and mammals.

Animal Facts

One animal that is our favorites is the Black Rhinoceros and here are some facts about this amazing creature. The Black rhinoceros can weigh from 1,800 – 3,100 lbs and they have two horns and sometimes three. Another amazing animal is the Grizzly Bear because they can run up to 35 mph even with their size of 290-600 lbs. Then they also have so much jaw strength that they can crush a bowling ball with their mouth. Then another animal is our elephants that weigh's about 6000 lbs and they are the largest land animal.

The Location

The Location is in New York because there are a lot of people there. Millions of people can come to my zoo and they can have the time of their lives while the Zoo is getting a lot of money.


Kids- $25

Teens- $30

Adults- $45

Senoir- $20

The total was