European Country Discovery Project

By: Taylor Reyna

Country Basics

My country is Denmark. The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen. The name of the Denmark flag is Dannabrog. The meaning of the flag is "the flag of the danes" or "red flag"


Denmarks landforms are flat land an many small rivers. Some landmarks are "The Little Mermaid","The Round Tower","and "Legoland".There are a couple major bodies of water and some are The North Sea and The Baltic Sea


Denmark's government type is limited.The leader of Denmark is Helle Thorning-Schmidt the prime minister of Denmark. Denmark has elections to choose there leaders


Denmark's nation is in the middle poverty because some people are poor and some people are not poor. People in Denmark use Danish Krone Money. Denmark's main imports are prossesed food


People in Denmark wear handmade fabrics, usually made from yarn spun from wool or flax. The major language spoken in Denmark is Danish.You may think that Denmark people do not have the same holidays as as but they do the have Christmas and New Years day and April fools day. The main religion in Denmark is Christiananity.The food that the danish eat is fish and any kind of seafoood


It is usually mild in the summer and it gets pretty cold in the winter in Denmark.The average yearly rainfall in Denmark is 602% And the yearly average temperture is 104%.The city in Denmark that has this climate is the country's capital Copenhagen.

Compare and Contrast

Denmark is different from the United States because people in Denmark eat seafood and people in the United States eat all kinds of food. Another reason Denmark is different from the United States because Denmark people speak Danish and people in the United States speak english.