From Milk to Ice Cream

By: Anushka


Is there anything else you'd rather eat on a hot summer day besides Ice cream?

Read on to learn where this frosty treat comes from.


Ice cream's main ingredient is milk. The milk comes from cows. When all the ingredients are collected, they are loaded in tanks which go on trucks, that go to the factory.


At the factory, milk becomes Ice cream. First, the milk is pumped into ginormous storage tanks. Later, pipes carry the ingredients to the blender. There, all the ingredients are blended together. Next, its heated to kill bacteria so it doesen't make people sick. After, that, the heated Ice cream gets pumped through holes or a screen which homogenizes the Ice cream. After all that, the Ice cream is cooled and frozen. Flavor is added. It is packed and ready to go to the store.


The final product is Ice cream that is nice and cool. People will eat this frosty treat as soon as they buy it.

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about Ice cream.

Did you know, Ice cream is extruded from an Ice cream making-machine? Also,chocolate chips, candy, and/or fruit is used in making those delicous chunks in your Ice cream. The smaller you make the ice crystals in your Ice cream, the better it tastes.


Now that you know how Ice cream is made, you can enjoy this frosty treat!
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