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Four very special regions of Kansas

High Plains, Arkansas River Lowlands, Red Hills and Wellington

Today I am going to tell you about some good regions in Kansas. High Plains have Streams in the rocky mountains flow eastward out of the rocky mountains. Ogallala made up of unconsolidated deposits. 15 -25 precipitation per year. Desert type plains, also have porous sandstones aka mortar beds. While the Arkansas River Lowlands have most areas flattened out. The river doesn’t flood a lot, and between 1965 and 1985 it was completely dry. Most of the water in the Arkansas River has been dried out so you see a lot of dry spots. Sand Dunes can be found in lots of places, sand dunes are created by wind and water. To this day Arkansas River has been covered by Vegetation and grass. As for the Red Hills, here are some information. Permian deposits that geologists call red beds. Red Hills get their color from iron oxide - rust. When exposed to wind or oxygen it turns bright red. Red Hills are also known as “Medicine Hills”. People believed that spirits in the hills and streams cure them. Water in Red Hills contained calcium and magnesium. Sinkholes have been found in the Red Hills. Last is the Wellington Hills. The Wellington Hills are relatively flat alluvial plains. Wellington is made up of sand, silt, and gravel - dumped by rivers and streams. Loss of water due to the sand river beds. Wellington sits ontop of Wellington salt beds. Wellington is as much as 400 ft thick. “Equus Beds” aquifer - made of thick deposits of silt, sand and gravel. Fossils of Ice Age horses have been found in Wellington. Equus is latin for horses. That's a rap of the four regions of Kansas.

11 Regions Of Kansas

There are eleven regions of Kansas, But I decided to only do four. Hope you have a wonderful time in Kansas.

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