Kadie Mae

.: Clumsy Cuddlebug :.

"Come on, Cyn!" Kadie squealed, staying behind her tree as she curiously watched her brother dig through the snow with his nose. She couldn't believe he hadn't found her yet. Her tail brushed against the top inches of snow, the white glimmer off her tail leaving a shine in the leaves of the trees above them.

Her brother sniffed through the snow, huffing to himself. Trying to find his sister blindfolded was like finding a needle in a haystack, though she was getting a kick out of his struggle. "Finding a scent in solid water is not exactly the easiest thing to do." He lifted his head, flicking his ears around to focus in on his hearing.

Kadie smirked to herself, tilting her head ever so slightly as she padded away from her tree. She could give him a little hint, since he obviously wasn't finding her. The last ten minutes had been the beginning, and it had been getting boring when her brother couldn't pick up anything. She pawed at the snow in front of her, taunting the male.

Cyn's ears flicked towards her, and he growled before shaking off his blindfold, grinning slyly as he whipped his head towards his sister. "You're dead meat!" He laughed, racing towards her though was a bit slowed down by the inches of snow that brushed his stomach.

The female squealed, not expecting his rebellion. She bounded away, flaunting her tail like a deer as she zig-zagged through the white forest. As soon as she lost her brother, she stopped to take a few breaths, glancing around quickly. Good, he was gone. She heard a few grumbles nearby and hid a giggle under her breath, making her way silently through the snow before she found her brother, his frustrated expression making him look pretty funny.

"You're such a slowpoke!" Before the male could react, Kadie leaped through the snow and flung herself towards him, but instead of landing on his side like she aimed, she flung into his thigh, sending her flying into the snow behind her brother. She quickly bounced to her paws with a laugh and a triumphant grin, looking back to the male, but was a bit concerned as he didn't get up. "Cyn?"

Cyn was silent, his eyes closed for a moment before he sprang up, latching onto Kadie's neck with his front paws and slamming her to the ground beside him. "Hah! You're nothing more than a goof." He nudged her with a paw, and she just laughed.

"Hey, I'm a good goof!" Kadie shook off excess snow from her fur before she glanced to the sky. “It’s a really nice day out, isn’t it?” She glanced to her pelt and, not liking how warm she was suddenly getting, rolled through the fluffy snow and giggled as it bunched up her fur.

Cyn glanced where she did, nodding slowly as he caught his breath from the tumble. “It is, yes. I’m glad the sun is finally clearing away the snow. At least my crops will stop dying. Then the rabbits can return.” He yawned, shaking his head. “I miss them.”

“I’d miss them more if they weren’t around so often.” Kadie giggled before standing, glancing to the sky. "You know, I'd give anything to have a good meal and a nice nap under the sun. What do you think?" She stood, shaking off again as she gazed at her brother.

"I like that idea very pleasantly." Cyn smiled at her, and side by side, they traveled back to their camp, sharing their warmth in the cold winter afternoon.