Project 5

Demonstrate Professional Observations via a Favorite App

Instructor Information

Instructor Name Linda Wapelhorst

Course Name Instructional Technology

Course Number ED222

Curriculum Framing Questions

Essential Question:

  • How can teachers create online publications that demonstrate professional development and growth?

Unit/Content Question:
  • How can teachers ensure students will focus on learning objectives when creating online publications?
  • How can teachers demonstrate their learning via online publications?

Unit Summary

This activity will allow students the opportunity to develop a Smore Flyer, PowerPoint Mix or other online publication to document classroom observations and demonstrate growth attained during the classroom observations. By creating such an online publication, students will learn how to create a Smore Flyer, PowerPoint Mix or other online publication to enhance learning in their future PK-12 classrooms or to create their own teacher online publications for parents, students, the school or the community.

Subjects Area(s)

Education and Technology

Grade Level

Pre-Service Teachers/Post Secondary Education

Lesson Objectives:

  1. Create a Smore Flyer, PowerPoint Mix or other online publication to address the learning objectives of the classroom observations.
  2. Reflect on developed Smore Flyer, PowerPoint Mix or online publication to present professional development.


  1. Create a Smore, PowerPoint Mix or other online publication to document 5 observation hours of technology use in the classroom.

  2. If you choose to create a PowerPoint Mix, follow the PowerPoint Mix tutorial (Links to an external site.) to learn how to create a PowerPoint Mix.

  3. If you choose to create a Smore, follow the Smore instructions (Links to an external site.) to learn how to create Smore flyer.

  4. If you choose another form of online publication email the instructor for approval before beginning this project.

  5. You have seen a couple of sample Smores as Project overviews for this course.

  6. Plan the content for and develop the Smore, PowerPoint Mixor other online publication. Your Smore, PowerPoint Mix or publication should document your observation hours and demonstrate what you learned about using technology in the classroom.

  7. Your Smore, PowerPoint Mix or other online publication must include the answers to all of the questions posed in the 5-hour Field Experience assignment:

    • What types of technology were the K-12 students using throughout your field experience observation?
    • Did students appear to be more or less engaged in the lesson content while using technology?
    • What was the teacher doing while the students used the technology?
    • What pros and cons did you observe related to the use of technology in the classroom?

    Within the 5-hour field experience include time to ask the practicing teacher the following questions to include the responses in your field experience response:

    • What are the benefits to students using technology in the classroom?
    • What are the disadvantages for student use of technology?
    • What is your favorite classroom technology? Why?

  8. Include graphics to enhance the presentation and help the reader follow and understand the information.

  9. Submit the link to your Smore, PowerPoint Mix or other online presentation by the due date.

  10. Be sure to refer to the rubric before submitting.

Approximate Time Needed

Dependant upon individual students

Prerequisite Skills

Prior knowledge of the internet; Basic computer and word processing skills


Use of computer with Internet to complete the the online publication.

Internet Resources

PowerPoint Mix


other, as chosen by student

Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction

  • Special Needs Student: Extended work time, personnel support from the Special Needs Department

  • Non-Native Speaker: Internet sites in the native language, tutoring outside the classroom.

  • Honors Students: This class does not have an honors option.

Student Assessment

Assessment will occur through evaluation of the completed Smore, PowerPoint Mix, or other presentation tool.