Mrs. Fry's First grade newsletter

Week of September 27

This week we learned...

Language Arts- We read the story, "Lucia's Neighborhood", and talked about using text features to get information from what we are reading.

We practiced spelling words with a short -e sound.

We learned about adjectives. The students had fun exploring apples with their senses and then writing adjectives to describe them.

Math- We worked on place value for numbers from 1 to 120. We also worked on how to use base ten blocks to represent each place value of a number. The students loved using these manipulatives!

Science- We finished up our unit on classifying matter. We read the story "Planting a Rainbow" and "planted" our own garden of Fruit Loops.

Social Studies- What is a pledge?

We learned about the Pledge of Allegiance

We talked about the symbols found on the American and Texas flags and then began to create our own flags as a symbol of what is important to us as individuals.

Thank you!!!

Thank you to everyone who brought in apples for our adjective activity. They were delicious, sweet, crunchy, golden, juicy, round, sticky, shiny, and crisp!

Thank you for all of the hard work this week to get our unfinished and missing work completed!

And, last but not least...

Make sure that your student is reading daily and logging it in their fluency folder. I will be taking a Language Arts grade each week for this.

The students in the other first grade classes fill in their own color on their behavior calendar each day. We will be experimenting with this in our class too. At the end of each day I will allow the students to look at their behavior clip and record the color that they are on. This will be monitored to make sure that it remains accurate.

Yeah!!!! We are now able to go outside for recess. The playground is still not ready, but we are sectioning off a part of the back parking lot for students to play in safely. This is awesome and greatly needed!! Because we will no longer be having indoor recess, I am asking that students leave toys at home. Thank you for your help in this area.

Lots of information went home last week. If you didn't get any of the following items, please let me know:

Scholastic Book Order

Login information for Studies Weekly, Reading Eggs, STEMScopes, Accelerated Reader

Character Parade information

Have a wonderful weekend!!