Cell Project

Comparing a cell to a restaurant.


The Nucleus is the "brain" or center of the cell just like the manager's office of a restaurant is the control center of the restaurant.

Cell Membrane

The cell membrane is like a door greeter because the door greeters are permeable and let people in and out just like the cell membrane.

Cell Wall

The Cell Wall would be like the restaurnt walls because they surround the restaurant, holds it up, and protects it like the Cell Wall does for the cell.


The Lysosome acts like a dumpster in a cell because it consumes the old organelles and waste like all of the trash and leftover food goes in the dumpster at a restaurant.


The mitochondria would be like the kitchen In a cell because the mitochondria acts/makes the food for a cell like the kitchen in a restaurant is where the food is made and prepared.


The vacuole would be like they Heat Lamps/Fridge in a cell because

the cell's vacuole stores the cell's food like a heat lamp or a fridge is where the food for the restaurant's customers would be kept stored fresh.

Golgi Apparatus

The golgi apparatus would be like the Waiter because

the Golgi Apparatus ships proteins to the nucleus just like a waiter takes your food orders and ships them to the kitchen.


The ER would be like the Host because

the Endoplasmic Reticulum moves things around the cell to where they belong just like your host can move people around the restaurant to where they are supposed to be seated.


The ribosomes would be like the Table Bussers

In a cell because the ribosomes make the protein for the cell and send it to the nucleus like the table bussers in a restaurant make the table clean and ship the old dishes back to get cleaned.


The cytoplasm would be like the restaurant floor.