The Industrial Revolution

Written by Noah Garcia


The Industrial Revolution is maybe the most important time period of our history. Without it, we might not have lightbulbs, trains, planes, or even technology itself. There was a badside to the Industrial Revolution though. More slaves and also children had to be hired because the machines worked to fast of a production rate.

The New Poor Law

The New Poor Law was a law passed in 1834 and it was used because many people were in Poverty. These laws enabled the poor to get jobs to earn money for food and their families.

Child Labor

Child Labor was kind of a problem because kids were working in smoky factories with dangerous machines and little pay. Not all kids were working though. They only had to work if they wanted to, needed to, or even told to. They usually needed to work for money for their families like adults.

Inventors and Inventions

One inventor is Thomas Edison. He created the lightbulb which converted electricity into light. Another inventor is, Henry Ford. He created a mass car company. The last person is, Eli Whitney. He created the Cotton Gin which picked out cotton seeds faster than humans.
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