6th Grade Technology at Lineville

By: Tyler

Typing Web

Typing Web is a website that you will use everyday right at the start of class for 5 minutes.

There are a lot of different lessons that you will be practicing on that will include numbers and symbols. This lesson you do will help you practice for typing emails instead of writing letters to other people. There are 4 lesson on that site, in 5th grade you did the beginner course and in 6th grade you will be doing the intermediate course. That course is due by winter break and if you get the whole course done you get a 4.


You will have to make a trailer using the app imovie and the trailer has to be about something that happened to you throughout your life time. The pictures you use have to be one that you take or have, you can not take any pictures off the internet. You will have to show the whole class if you want to and so the pictures have to be school appropriate.


At one point you have to use the website code.org and get past course 9 to get a 4 in your grade book. The website is made for kids so it is a very easy coding website that teaches you how to use code to move things inside of a game. Even if you don't get through course 9 you can still get past course 7 to get a three on your grade book in power school.

Haiku Deck

You will be using the website career locker to find your dream job and you will make a Haiku Deck about your dream job. Your Haiku Deck has to be at least 10 pages with pictures off of the website. You can only use career locker to search up your dream job and you have to find how much the salary is and a bunch of other stuff about it.

Carrer Locker

Mrs. VandenBoogaard or Mr. Noe will come into your class and you will be going through this website called career locker. It helps to find your dream job and the jobs you would fit into like plumbing or athlete or something like that. There will be little tests that you do to see what jobs wold work good depending on the answers you put on the little test.

Explain Everything

In this unit you will have to pick between 10 or so math problems and you only have to do 1. You will be using the app explain everything on your IPads. You have to show how to solve the problem you chose and you have to talk while you explain how to solve it.