My Dream Job

film and video editor


Are you interested in how movies and perfect photos are made? Well here is the perfect job for you. If you are interested you should consider becoming a film and video editor. This the perfect job for people of this interest.


The education needed for this job......

. Graduation requirements

. learn how to edit videos with technology

. learn how to edit pictures with technology

. know how to edit and process video

. know how to edit and process picture

Some of our most wanted tasks

Guarenteed a lot of fun


The salary of this job is perfect for you. The salary is currently $46,500 to $68,330 per year. If you become perfect on doing this job you could earn even more money. This job has everything you are looking for in a dream job.

Film and video editor

  • you need a bachelors degree

  • high school deploma or equivalent

  • must have 1 to 5 years of experience

  • you must study art or photo editing

  • you must be able to follow directions

  • you must be able to understand what people are saying

  • you must learn how to cooperate with other people