Lewis Learning Log

Weekly Staff Newsletter April 11-15, 2016

Coming up at Lewis Elementary...

April 11

MAP Testing Begins in Library and Lab 14

Building Leadership Meeting 4pm

PALS Meeting 6pm

Board of Education meeting 7pm

April 12

Spring Picture money due

April 13

Collaboration-grade levels reflect/revise Math CFAs for 2016-17, other teams send an agenda

April 14

Team Meetings-No More Independent Reading Without Support Book Study

April 15


BIST Support in classrooms, sign up with Mrs. Bright

Salt Water Taffy in the Office Today!

Shhhh! We are testing!

Next week 3rd-5th grade classes will be testing in Lab 14. Please help children follow the Level 0 expectations for the hallway around that lab and the library. We appreciate all the help and support that everyone gives during testing.

Science Kits

I know many of you might be finishing with your science kit. I do not think that they are due to be picked up until May--so you have plenty of time to do the lessons...but if you are finished, please hang on to these. I know they are big and bulky but I don't really think I want to take the risk of having them sit in the gym lobby for a whole month. We will call for them later after the start of May.

In case you haven't read this...

It's very inspiring! And WOW...just makes Hosmer even that more appealing that he can write like this! I know there is one he wrote before called "No Fluke", so you can look that up also, but when I read this, I just kept thinking how I want our staff to be a team like this. That perhaps we develop a "Lewis Way" ...one that is famous for its integrity and grit and commitment to our students and to each other. We all know the hard work that goes into teaching...it's no fluke when students achieve...that's credit to your commitment to seeing that happen.

Where is this located?

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Spring Carnival!

Thank you to Amy Brinker for chairing the Spring Carnival planning! Thanks to everyone who is helping tonight! Thanks to everyone who has been helping this week to prepare. Let's have a great time with families tonight!