Aspen, Colorado

And other facts

What Found Aspen

In the 1700 to 1800s people in a usa were looking for metal, gold, silver, and other natural recsources. So when people came to mine in Aspen they were gready, and when they went mining they took all of the ores until there were none left. So they became rich, they built mansions and when they went broke they left. Later in the 1900s people that went to Aspen and found snow as another special recsource to Aspen.

What is mining?

mining is when a big area of ground is dug out or mined. when people mine the take a large group of people with pickaxes or other tool and either make a very big hole underground or make an open pit mine which is when people dig out a very big hole going into the ground that looks like a cone. Mining can also be dangerous too, when people blow up holes they can be injured or killed by falling debris or by the blast. So, when people mine they should know the blast raidus of the dynamite and wear hard hats.

History Of Aspen

Aspen was first founded as a silver mine in 1880 during the colorado silver boom, The Mine was used until 1893 when the Panic of 1893 led to silver market dropped. the poplution was less than 1000 in 1930. But, Aspen rose up in the mid 1900s when the nearby Aspen Moutain became a ski resort. When that happened people brought houses to Aspen and Aspens poplution rose to much more