Johnny Cash

~The man in black~

Known as the man in black, Johnny Cash was one of the classic singers of the past. He wasn't flashy, he was pretty much an everyday man. His unique style and catchy songs led him to fame.
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~Early years~

Johnny joined the airforce in 1950. While overseas he met his first wife, bought a guitar, and began writing music. In 1955 he began recording his songs. He got very popular very fast and had to do many concerts, he began to do drugs to keep up with everything. At one point his drug abuse got so bad to the point were he wasn't allowed to perform and got a divorce to his then wife. He was arrested for attempting to smuggle amphetamines.

~After drugs~

He met June Carter, who helped him with his addiction. He converted to Fundamentalist Christianity. Plus, he married June on March 1st. At Folsom Prison is a live album and 27th overall album by Johnny Cash, released on Columbia Records in May 1968. After his 1955 song "Folsom Prison Blues", Cash had been interested in recording a performance at a prison, and so he did. After that he became more politically active. He signed with American Recordings in 1993. In 2003 June died of complications in heart surgery, and 4 months later Johnny died from diabetes at the age of 71. He had won 30 awards.
Johnny had influenced many. He was a simple man in a time when country singers had to be covered in diamonds to be popular. But he wasn't just a country singer, he never really fit into a certain mold. He was always just himself. Some people might not remember him today, but he will never be forgotten.


Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line by universalmusicenterprises