J.D.H Highly Inc.

( Joshniesyvynne )

Welcome to Boulter's Board of Friends !!!

Welcome to the board of friends! We're glad to have you here to come and experience our different meals deserts and many more . Even though we want you to have an awesome time tasting our food, we also want you to have an amazing time being here!

-J.D.H Highly Inc.

Our menu

J.D.H Highly Inc.

Come Try our Delicious meals while also exploring:)

Overall Budgets

Total Cost of meal: $380.68

Cost per person: $19.03

Total Profit:$19.32

Profit per Person:$6.44

Main Course: 171.86/400, 171.86, 43%

Appetizer: 86.56/400, 86.56, 22%

Dessert: 57.58/400, 57.58, 14%

Side Items: 53.17/400, 53.17

Beverages: 24.5/400, 24.5, 6%