BREAKING NEWS!!! Cuban Revolution

By: Jacksun6

Armed rebel attack !!

“It's July 26, 1953, I'm here live in Cuba where armed rebels, supposedly controlled by Fidel Castro, attacked the Moncada barracks in Santiago and the barracks in bayamo.”

“The survivors, among them Fidel Castro and his brother Raúl Castro Ruz, were captured shortly afterwards.”

Cubans demanding better conditions

Protest and Riots

  • Demands for better wages and improved working conditions (in 1959). Workers demanded 20 percent across-the-board increases, an immediate re-negotiation of labor contracts, and the reinstatement of workers fired for political reasons

  • By late 1955 student riots and anti-Batista demonstration had become frequent. These were dealt with in the violent manner his military police had come to represent. Students attempting to march form the university of Havana were stopped and beaten by the police

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Crisis Stage

Here is just a brief rundown of the conflict:

  • July 26, 1953; Castro's first move, they attacked the Moncada Barracks for supplies.
  • The Castro's was captured and put on trial.
  • Fidel, who is a lawyer, helped turn the public eye on Batista's government, using the quote,"History will absolve me", to arouse the public.
  • May of 1955, the government let political prisoners go, allowing the rebel brothers to meet up with rebel leaders, Camilo Cienfuegos and Ernesto "Ché" Guevara.
  • On November 1956, the rebels then sailed to Cuba on the yacht "Granma" for the revolution.
  • The rebel movement gained strength in the highlands, Batista sent men to attack, but it backfired on them.
  • Castro's Guerrilla attacks flush Batista's forces.
  • Late 1958Castro divides his forces and begins to push toward Havana.
  • Cienfuegos, on his way, captured many small villages, while Guevara gained a huge victory at Santa Clara.
  • Both leaders arrived at Havana on January 2, 1959, and disarmed the remaining military, while Castro was stopping at nearby villages to make speeches to the people.
  • Castro finally arrived on January 9, 1959, in Havana to claim victory for the revolution.

Convalescence Stage

The last stage in the revolution, they get a new governor, Fulgencio Batista. A soldier and political leader who was the governor of Cuba twice, first in 1933–44 with an efficient government and again in 1952–59 as a dictator, putting his opponents in jail, using terrorist methods, and making a lot of money for himself and his associates. Batista preferred to reinforce his control through paying them rather than making them fear him. His term ended in 1944. A new governor came and started to govern the people. Fidel Castro came to power promising democracy and freedom.