Vaccinations for Children

Health Care for Children

Children Getting Their Vaccinations

This picture from Babble represents my persuasive topic by showing children getting their vaccination shots. Vaccinations have become more important throughout the world today than they have been for several years. Doctors aren't sure whether to make them a school wide program, they are having mixed feelings and have researched and found some new studies to help them decide what is best for the children. One concern was that if older kids get all their vaccinations at school, they won’t come in for routine check-ups. The benefits of vaccinations is to help your child stay away from all the serious sickness. Doctors are recommending that parents allow their children to get their vaccines before they attend any kind of school organization.
Baby Getting Vaccine Booster Shot

Booster Shots

The video from YouTube represents my persuasive topic by showing how a recent newborn is getting his booster shots. Booster shots are being required for newborn children and even adults more and more throughout the United States. Adults think vaccinations only apply to them when they are traveling out of the country or for their yearly flu shot, but the truth is most adults need booster shots on many of the childhood immunizations they've already had. There are also a number of new vaccinations for adults available that can help to keep you healthy and save you from some very dangerous illnesses. Many of the vaccinations you had as a child do not give you lifetime immunity from the disease.