CSinPA Build|Fly|Code

Applications are still being accepted for Cohort 2 and 3.

An exciting opportunity for Pennsylvania local education agencies

Developed in collaboration with PaTTAN, PA Rural Robotics, and For the Win Robotics,

CSinPA Build | Fly | Code is designed to provide equitable computer science (CS) learning opportunities using drone technology as part of a local education agency’s (LEA) comprehensive plan for CS education.

Unlike stand-alone or “one and done” professional development, CSinPA Build | Fly | Code supports LEA teams in a cycle of strategic planning, professional learning, and implementation.

LEAs selected for the program will:

  • Engage a CS team in comprehensive strategic planning for CS (via SCRIPT).
  • Support three educators (1 ambassador + 2 participants) who will take part in Build | Fly | Code professional learning and implementation activities using the provided class pack of drones.

Empowering and rewarding for all educators.

Through the 100% virtual professional learning pathways (Act 48 credit available),

ambassadors and participants develop CS knowledge and skills, design and implement CS learning experiences with drones in their classes, and explore ways to expand CS opportunities for all students using evidence-based resources and strategies.

Each LEA will receive a CSinPA Build | Fly | Code class pack of drones to support in-person or virtual/hybrid learning. Class packs remain the property of the LEA after the end of the program.

See it in action: Click here for a video by Michelle Flaherty (Union City SD) about her experience as an early adopter in the program's Spring 2021 pilot.

Equitable and accessible for all students.

CSinPA Build | Fly | Code supports in-person, hybrid, and virtual instructional models and may be implemented in CS classes or integrated into other content areas. No prior experience with CS or drones is required. The program is standards-aligned, universally designed, and culturally relevant.

Students build drones from the ground up, earn their pilot wings through the science of flight, and utilize block-based coding to manipulate the drone’s flight.

Apply now.

Applications consist of two components:

  • CSinPA Build | Fly | Code - Application (completed by Ambassador)

  • CSinPA Build | Fly | Code - Administrator Agreement (completed by Ambassador's principal or administrator)
Contact the PaTTAN CSinPA team: csforall@pattan.net