P.H.S. Life Skills Program

Functional Academic and Social Skills Instruction

Functional life skills instruction helps students move forward with dignity and purpose.

Students need daily Instructional opportunities for functional academic skills building and hands-on community based instructional activities and projects.

Structured routines and regular physical activities support student learning.

Students are enriched by hands on projects, class gardens, campus jobs and social integration opportunities

  1. Students learn to care for and maintain gardening plots around the campus.
  2. Community integration activities include social engagement through Physical Education and daily free choice opportunities during break and lunch periods.
  3. Campus jobs support future job skills, as well as social and life skills needs.
  4. Instruction supports fostering independence.

Community Outreach and Engagement

The life skills class has been working with Sonoma State University's Collaborative Autism Training & Support Program. We are eager to find and work with various community programs and people. We encourage everyone to come join us on our ever-continuing learning adventures!

Students participating toward a Certificate of Achievement can be engaged and enthusiastic about school.

A classroom associated with the South County Consortium through Petaluma City Schools.