Second Amendment Scrutiny

2nd Amendment under fire from pacifists and families of dead

27 simple words, never before challenged, have now suddenly been put inder the microscope. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed were the words written by a certain James Madison 226 years ago. But in the recent wake of 3 mass shootings, including the biggest American mass shooting in history, some say there is only one measure that will actually work: no guns.

This measure has been taken in Britain and has worked brilliantly. Every year in America there are over 11,000 gun related homocides per year. In England by comparison, there were 35 in the same amount of time. When the Bill of Rights were written, the only weapon available was the musket. Now, there is a wide variety of weapons available, ranging from a military grade M16 to an anti- tank rocket launcher designed to break through the thinckest of armor. Do American ciizens really need these weapons to protect themselves and hunt?

Originally, the amendment was written to prevent a monarchy from taking over the American government. It seems quite unlikely however, that a monarch is about to take over the government in the near future. When the amendment was written, tyrannical monarchs were rampant and most of the time, they took away the people's weapons to be able to lead with an iron fist.

Below is a discussion from the other point of view. Alex Jones is a radical second amendment supporter (maybe a little TOO radical), but it is his turn to have his say. I must say however, I think this guy is a total nut, but that might be what he would of me. Personally though, I believe that this guy making a petition to deport Piers Morgan because of his opposing opinion on the 2nd Amendment is more infringing on the Constitution (see other flyer) than Piers's opinion. I would have chosen another video, but this idiot was the only one I could find of an opposing opinion.

Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan on CNN (FULL ORIGINAL) No Commercial