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Tyler D

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Reading is.,.

I chose this picture because books are powerfull and reading is fun

About Me

I read but i don't read all the time i read when im bord. I like to read though

10 thing about me as a reader

1) I try to Block out the noise around me. 6) Worst book I ever read was Wrinkle in time

2) Last book I read was i Funny. 7) I dont read in the morning

3) I like to read at night. 8) I like it to be quiet

4) I am reading The Westing games. 9) I like to read funny books

5) Best book I ever read is Wild. 10) I usually use a bookmark

The Westing Game Movie Trailer

The book i am reading

This book is a mystery book. I like this book because it has many different cataracts that are unique. I would recommend this book.
I Funny Book Trailer

Book I last Read

This book is very funny. I like this book because it has a very good story. I am going to read the sequel in the series.
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)


When i read it makes me HAPPY

4 books i like

1)weasting games



4)among the hidden

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