By: Hamza Ahmed

Titanic Facts

Did you know that the titanic was 833 feet long and 92 feet wide!

Did you also know that the titanic was 104 feet tall and weighed 46,328 tons!

Last but not least, did you that the titanic had sister ship named the R.M.S Olympic and that the Olympic was bu lit before the titanic.

Important Facts About The Titanic

When people started building the titanic, it was March 31 1909. It took 26 months to build the titanic. The captain of the titanic was Edward John Smith. He was born in January-27-1850. He died April-15-1912.He died when the ship crashed and sank on the Atlantic ocean.

The Maiden Voyage

The titanic first sailed out in April-10-1912. It had to sail from Southampton to Cherbourg to Queen-town Ireland then to New York harbor and that was their destination.

April-14-1912 the titanic was sailing for 4 days and 375 miles. At 11:40 the ship hit an iceberg. When the ship hit the iceberg 1,503 people died and 706 people survived.