Copper Sun

By Sharon M. Draper

Book Review by Mykiah Fuller

Imagine everything you've ever known being stripped from you right before your eyes. Your home, your family, your worth, all destroyed at the hands of an unknown group of men whose faces bare a skin tone you've never witnessed. Rampaging through your only belongs. Stealing your identity.

Fifteen year old Amari is living happily in her homeland of South Africa during the 18th century. Suddenly, her village is being viciously invaded by "pale faces. Her family is murdered and the men, women, and children of her village are sold into slavery. As well as Amari, During her nightmare of being a slave on a South Carolina plantation, she befriends a white indentured servant named Polly, Together, they face the hardships of being owned by what they call "The Devil". Trying to find freedom in a land they're unsure exists, Polly and Amari along with a younger slave boy named Tidbit travel the treacherous route to a new life.

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