Peter and the starcatchers

Maddie Shelbie

Black Stache

Black Stache is not a nice person to be friends with he is really mean to his fellow pirates and devil who has been on the seas his whole life.

Character Traits

1. Evil- "When i come back i want the ship to be closer if not i will through off more weight staring a Smees belly". pg.51

2. Mean-"Work hard if you dont want to join those two bales of lard drifting astern". pg.51

3.Thief- The Wasp now belonged to Black Stache pg.216

4.Viloent- "The deck shuddered viloently and the sailor fell. pg.51

Black Stache

Thursday, Oct. 2nd, 10pm

Pirate Dr

Platte City, MO

Having a party October 2,2014 at 345 Priate Drive, Platte city,MO, United States. It is a pirate themed party so fill free to wear pirate clothing come over at 10:00 pm and make sure to have a good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!