Stage 3's Borambola Excursion

The amazing Borambola excursion

What Happen On The Excursion

On the stage 3 Borambola excursion stage 3 did many actives such as rock climbing, low ropes, fencing and a lot more.

At Borambola we ate healthy food such as fruit, meat, wraps and so on, when it was time to go to sleep one of our friends had these awesome pyjamas that glowed in the dark.

The excursion went for 3 days and 2 nights we travelled on a bus for about 3 hours. The staff where very nice and I think everyone was very tired after that trip.

In my conclusion I think it was a good trip for stage 3 because it was different to all the other excursion I have been to, but I also think that last years was a better excursion because you could see the beautiful gold.

Thursday, Aug. 29th, 7:45am

Leeton Public School, nsw, Australia

BMX Riding

This is 1 of the groups doing BMX Riding with there fellow class mates.