Hot Air Balloon

By: Sahithi Arimanda, Nikita Ganji

Problem 1

Our function is f(m)=800-20m .

Problem 3

900 feet because every 5 minutes they move 100 feet.

Problem 4

It takes 39 minutes because you plug in 20 for y. 20=800-20m and we solved it and got 39.

Problem 5

The function is f(m)=1200-20m and it takes 20 more minutes to reach the ground for the second balloon. They both take 20 feet per minute.

Problem 6

The function is f(m)=800-30m and it would take 13 1/3 minutes less.This one descends 30 feet per minute while the others descend 20 feet per minute.

Problem 7

The function for the fourth balloon is 30m and to get the answer we did 30m=800-20m and m=16 minutes. At 16 minutes the first and fourth balloon are at 480 feet. That is the point of interception.

Problem 8

We did 0=800-20m and got m=40 minutes and then we plugged in 40 for m and did

800-20(40)=30(40) and we got 1200 feet. So they would have to start at 1200 feet.