Christmas Island

By: Ashil Patel

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Christmas Island Beaches

There are many beaches to visit at Christmas Island during your stay. The 6 beaches have rough tracks so you might need a car with 4 wheel drive. The beaches are Lily Beach, Ethel Beach, Greta Beach, Dolly Beach, West White Beach, and Winifred Beach.

Christmas Island Attractions

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving can be done at any of our 6 beaches. You can see an assortment of fish like the Sailfish, Tuna, and Wahoo.
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Christmas Island Soccer Team

The Christmas Island Soccer Team is not well known and they aren't the best but they also aren't the worst. The kits they wear are pretty cool looking and you could be able to buy one made out of the same material as the Christmas Island Official Kit.
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Red Crab Migration

The Red Crab Migration is when many red crabs migrate across Christmas Island. It is a very amazing sight too see and it is our one of our main attractions.
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