Dylan Mahalingam

By: Carlitos Ybarra, Per. 3

Who is he?

He was just an average 8 year old 3rd grader until he was inspired to create a plan to change and improve the world. He was inspired by seeing the effects of poverty at it's worst. Therefore, he grabbed some friends and they created an organization known as Lil' MDG's. It's a non-profit organization that targets problems that fall under the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals. Lil' MDG's has become an initiative of the Jayme's Fund for Social Justice and many other organizations.
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Dylan's Early Life

His actual name is Krishna Mahalingam, but he is known as Dylan. Dylan was born on August 2, 1995 in New Hampshire, USA. His current age is 20 but as stated before, Dylan began his ambition to change the world at the young age of 8. He was sparked to be inspired by impact of poverty seen in neighborhoods. In an attempt to put and end to the situation, he began to have simple fundraisers, in which it started to raise the awareness of it to others. He eventually worked his way to becoming the Chief Strategist for an organization called Under the Acacia. He loves to play tennis, basketball, to snowboarding, and to swim. He is really fascinated by technology, and it's probably his biggest interest. With that being said, one of his main interests is to use the power of technology and the internet to achieve his goals.


Dreams As An Activist:

Achieving The Goals Set By MDG

As said earlier, Lil' MDG's goals were the same goals for worldwide problems with the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals. These goals include overcoming poverty and hunger, improve education worldwide, promote gender equality, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health, develop cures for Aids and other diseases, ensure environment stability, develop global partnership and development. His personal goal is mainly based on poverty since it is what sparked him on his journey to begin with. He hasn't disagreed with any organizations yet, he's gotten along with other well. He's received many awards from world leaders.

Is He A Hero?

Hero- A person, typically a man who is admired and idolized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

I would not consider him a hero YET. He has built up the courage and strength to stand up for what he wants but he hasn't fully finished the job. You can't really be a hero for half the job. Half job= half credit.