Bearcat Brief

August 18, 2017

Notes from Niki

  • What a great start to the year! We had a great turn out for Open House, kids are excited to be back, and they are engaged in learning already. Get some rest this weekend- having kids 5 days in a row next week is going to feel like a marathon.
  • I know there are nerves about the eclipse, but we are responsible for kids' safety everyday and your professionalism and conscientiousness gives me every confidence in our ability to handle the responsibility. Please share with students during advisory on Monday the safety information that I shared with you Thursday evening via Google.
  • The NWEA Testing window opens on August 28. Please talk as a grade level team about your testing schedule.
  • I need to apologize publicly to Mr. Hosick- he was out at his car on Monday, realized he hadn't done his superhero video, came back in and had me tape him, and then I left it off of the video. I will include it in the final version that is published.

Thanks for a great first week!

Professional Reading/ Resources:

Upcoming Events


August 18- Bearcat Memorial Induction Ceremony, 5:00

August 18- Football vs. Montgomery County, 7:00

August 21- Total Eclipse (see Google documents for more information)

August 23- Phone Training, 3:30 in the MS Library

August 24- Fire Drill, 9:00

August 28- NWEA Window Opens (3 week window)

August 28- PBIS Leaders and Administrators Jump Start Event

August 29- PBIS Team Training Day


September 1- Intruder Drill, 8:30

September 1- Student of the Month Assembly, 2:45- see altered schedule in faculty manual

September 4- Labor Day, no school

September 8- Assembly about dance behavior expectations (6-8 grade), 11:05

September 8- Families in Action Dance, 7:00

September 11-15- National Arts in Education Week

September 11- Professional Development Day