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March 2015 Newsletter

It is our honor and privilege to be of service to you and your loved ones.

Join us at Eternal Rest Funeral Home to plan for your end of life ceremony in a time of peace rather than leaving it up to those grieving to plan for you. We will walk you through the many options and help you decide what is best for you, your family, your traditions and culture, and your budget.

Funeral Arrangement Services

Introduction to Funeral Planning

Whether you would like to make advance arrangements or if there are no pre-arrangements, we will walk you through the many facets of planning a funeral to ensure you are confident in your decisions. We take the time to get to know who is being memorialized by spending time with family and friends so we can recommend the best service options to personally honor them. We incorporate your ideas and cultural preferences to allow this process to reflect a personal touch while respecting our lost loved ones with dignity and honor.

During this time, there may be many challenges an individual or family will face when planning a funeral, especially when not planned in advance: emotional overspending (San Diego Funeral Service, n.d)., honoring the known and unknown wishes of their lost loved one, respecting their cultural and religious beliefs, and approval from other loved ones and family just to name a few. Here are some ways to ease the burden and simplify this significant process.

Funeral Arrangements - Challenges and Solutions

Several arrangement options will be reviewed including preferences for burial (caskets, plots and headstones), entombment (mausoleums) and cremation (columbarium, urns and jewelry) (San Diego Funeral Service, n.d). As well as your desired rituals which may include a eulogy, reading of scripture, background music, portraits, and much more. These individual factors will decide how the funeral is coordinated and presented. By discussing these details with trusted sources and the funeral director, you will create a memorable service that honors your lost loved one.

Cultural traditions are an important aspect to each service. We will help you define and put into place a service that evokes the lost loves ones culture and traditions that are both respectful and meaningful. This includes the type of individual you decide to preside over the service, whether it be a priest, rabbi, imam or monk, we will serve your needs whatever they may be.

Familial preferences can vary and often become a burden with having multiple decision makers involved in planning a funeral. It is recommended that the family have priorities in place that honor their lost loved one and reach a consensus on the aspects of the funeral that they feel strongly about. It is, however, the lost loved one who must be honored with respect and dignity and should be the deciding factor in confirming funeral arrangements. We will provide a counselor with every funeral director consultation to ensure the memorial is best served for the lost loved ones.

Funeral Costs

In most cases, personalization of services is covered with the cost of a standard service arrangement. And if there are additional costs associated, you will find the fees to be minimal. Itemized services can assist in providing the most economical service options, and payment plans are always available for those who put their trust in Eternal Rest Funeral Home where you are guaranteed a service to remember. We provide solutions to economically challenged arrangements by working with you to select the proper service arrangements that are affordable while allowing the service to be both memorable and honorable.

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Speak to our funeral directors today for more information about services provided to you and your loved ones at Eternal Rest Funeral Home. An additional resource to assist with advanced funeral planning can be found by visiting the National Funeral Directors Association website at


San Diego Funeral Service. (n.d.). How to Plan A Funeral. Retrieved from

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