Gifts/ Talents

The Mystical Body of Christ

Persons are Gifts

Some are wrapped beautifully:
they are very attractive when I first see them.
Some come in ordinary wrapping paper.
Others have been mishandled in the mail.
Once in a while there is a special delivery !
Some persons are gifts which are very loosely
wrapped, not sealed.
Others are tightly wrapped, practically locked,
enigmas really, almost forbidding.

But the wrapping is not the gift !
It is easy to make this mistake …
It’s very amusing when babies do it.

Sometimes the gift is very easy to open.
Sometimes I need others to help.
Is it because some are afraid ?
Does it hurt to be known truly, honestly ?
Maybe they have been opened before
and thrown away, discarded ?
Maybe such a gift isn’t for me, too good for me ?
Maybe I’m not ready; I’m not open ? I’m indifferent ?
Maybe I don’t recognize the gift, that it is for me ?

I am a person …
Therefore I am a gift too.
A gift to myself first of all–God gave me to me !

Have I ever really looked inside the wrapping ?
Perhaps I’ve never accepted the gift that I am?
Could it be that there is something else inside than what I think ?
Could God’s gift be anything but good ?
Maybe it needs polishing–to bring out its value, it’s natural lustre !
Maybe it’s unique–hasn’t found its essential worth ?

And I am a gift to other persons !
Am I willing to be given to others ? A person for others ?
Do others have to be content with the wrappings ?
Never permitted to enjoy the true me ?

Every meeting of persons is an exchange of gifts.
But a gift without a giver is not a gift ..
It is a thing devoid of relationship to giver or receiver.

Friendship is a relationship between persons who see themselves
as they truly are: both gifts of GOD ..
to each other .. for others .. truly related to each other.
A friend is a gift, not just for me, but to others through me.
When I keep my friend–possess him–I destroy his “giftness.”
If I save his life for me, I lose it;
If I lose it for others, I save it !

Persons are gifts,
gifts received and gifts given–God’s BEST GIFTS on Earth !

Receive and Give the Gift WITH EYES WIDE OPEN and rejoice !

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What gifts would you bring this baby King?
What do you think Jesus needs?
What do you think he would like you to give him?

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