KP Class News

Language Arts

So far, we have learned to recognize, write, and make the sound for the letters t, b, f, m, n, a, c, i, r, o, g, d, s, e, u, l, h, k, p and j through our work with Fundations. We also have practiced taking a “picture walk” when looking at a book and have been very busy choosing books to explore from our classroom library and our individual “book bins.” The students are getting skilled at recognizing color words and have been practicing the sight words the, and, my and like. If you come across any of these sight words when you are reading with your child please ask them to read the word to you! We have also been working on building stamina in reading workshop and our class is currently reading independently for 15 minutes!


We are finishing up our first unit of study on “Mystery Boxes.” The children learned how to make a good prediction based on what they can tell about a Mystery Box using their five senses. They had a blast making hypotheses about what were in the Mystery Boxes that children made at home!


We are working on recognizing the “5 group” in numbers that are larger than five (ex. 5 plus 1 more makes 6). We also will practice telling number stories to model addition and subtraction.

Things to do at Home

· Practice recognizing upper– and lowercase letters and reciting the letter sounds aloud

· Practice writing lower case letters

· Keep a journal and have your child label the pictures he or she draws or have them try to write one sentence about the picture.

· When reading, have your child describe what is going on in the picture before reading the words. Tell them to take a "picture walk."

Important Dates to Remember

November 17th 9:30 am

Thanksgiving Feast

Only first grade parent volunteers are invited to attend. Unfortunately there are too many students at this event to invite all parents. Please sign up next year :)

November 18th 9:00-11:00

Open house

November 26th

Thanksgiving Concert

Please dress students in concert attire. Black on the bottom and white on top.


KP was lucky enough to have our 5th grade buddies come down to help us make spider hats on Halloween. We loved marching through the parade and then had a quick dance party in Mr. Bailey's room with our buddies before our party. Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered at our party. It was a great success!
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Our cultural arts committee was wonderful enough to set up dance for the students with Kim LaRue. She has been coming to Milton to teach dance for many years. The students enjoyed four sessions with her. A special thanks to Mrs. Cassano for all of your help with this!

Guest Scientist Fun!

Thank you Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Doherty for being our guest scientists! The children loved making green slime and ice cream! Here are a few pictures from our exciting science experiments.

Happy Birthday!

Sophie November 4th

Harper November 6th

Evans November 7th

Morgan November 13th

Ella November 19th

Juliet November 22nd