Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

The fun starts NOW...not the evening of July 25th.

Pregame fun!

We're kicking off the fun a little bit earlier than Tuesday night. PRIZES will be awarded to full teams for the following challenges:

1. First full team to match their code names with their real names.
  • Text your guess to Jenny Watson 859-468-0775
  • Kim Best 859-652-6492 or
  • Erika Bowles 859-512-1296
2. First full team to the Bristol (not before 5:45pm).
3. First full team to the 8pm check-in at Locked In Louisville.
4. First full team to the 9pm check-in at Locked in Louisville.
5. Best team spirit (voted on by all players).

The prizes will be awarded in a very special awards ceremony on Wednesday morning.

Please note: If you didn't give us a code name, we made one up for you. You're welcome.

Challenge 1: Guess your teammates.

Report in to Kim, Jenny, or Erika any time. Good luck!!

Voxer, Voxer, Voxer

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Add the following: erikabow
I'll add you to the Leadership Conference group.