By: Phillip Nguyen

Capitol and major cities

The Capitol of Uruguay is Montevideo and 4 major cities are Salto, Paysandú, Las Pierdas, and Rivera.


Uruguay was controlled by Spain in 1776 and then Argentina and Brazil in 1821. Uruguay did not become independent until 1825. So Uruguay is not controlled by another country and is living pretty free now.

Physical Features

Some of Uruguay's physical features are the Lago Rincón del Bonete river, the Rio De Plata estuary, and the Lagoa Mirím lagoon which also flows into the border of Brazil
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Political Information

Uruguay is a Democratic Republic being led by President Tabore Vazquez.
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Economic Information

Uruguay's currency is the Uruguayan peso and has a Capitalist economy.

Tourist Information

People should visit since Uruguay has many beaches, sea ports, museums, colonial houses, and a warm climate. You can also go horse riding, have fun near the ocean, visit the colonial houses and museums, and visit the many hotels and casinos.