Cool Cat News

Summer is Here!!

Dates to remember:

Woo Hoo!!!! Thanks for an excellent year Cool Cats! The custodians will be busy waxing floors and cleaning your rooms this summer. Take some time and enjoy your vacation! Please call the school office before coming to work in your room, we want to make sure your room has been cleaned. I will be here most of the summer (district will be closed the week of July 4 and on Fridays) if you need anything. If there are things you are needing in your classroom next year, please get with Kara Broyles and complete a requisition form. This is for all teachers, PPCD, Pre-K-4th.

I am proud of what each of you have accomplished this year. You are the reason why Hartman is listed as a top Title 1 school in the state of Texas. Proud moment for all the Cool Cats!

Dates to Remember:

7/23- 8:30am Team Leader Retreat at the ESC

7/27- 8:30am Hartman Retreat at the ESC

7/30- 9:00am Popsicles on the Porch (Come if you can!)

8/6- 9:00am Storytime - (If you would like to read, let me know)

8/10- 6:00pm Chip and Chat with the Principals (For families, but you are welcome to come)

8/14- First day back if you have not completed any staff development over the summer

8/17- Welcome back Cool Cats! (8:00 am)

8/24- First Day of School