2F News

May 12, 2016

Upcoming Events

May 15 & 16: MAP Testing

May 15 & 16: Tutoring

May 18: Sports Day

May 19: Egypt Day (students may dress in national costume)


No studying is needed for MAP testing. Students should get a good night's sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and bring a healthy snack and lunch on these days.

Please read the newsletter sent home this week about Sports Day. Email if you have questions about Sports Day. Parents are not needed that day - thank you for volunteering, though!


Students are using their new Reading Response journals to practice important skills such as:

  • Identifying an important character and when, how and why they change in a story
  • Visualization
  • Problems & solutions
  • Important events
  • Cause & Effect
  • Author's message

These skills are all necessary when understanding texts and advancing through text levels.


Students are writing reviews of books they have read at school, learning how to express themselves. They are also beginning work on posters of their favorite books with more reviews.


Students are working with both standard and metric units of measurement in math. We are focusing on measuring length and width in straight lines to the nearest whole number. They are also solving measurement word problems using addition and subtraction.

Science - Marvelous Magnets

We have begun exploring the ways magnets are used, how they work and their similarities and differences. This is a short science unit which will wrap up next week.

Our last unit this year will focus on natural resources, economics and some supply and demand.