ethics examples

Brenda Aguilar

Officer playing basketball with neighborhood kids

in this video a passerby pulls out his phone and starts recording a female officer shooting hoops with some neighborhood kids while on duty. Although many people believe cops can be rude and not much help the video shows that, that isn't always true. Both the police officer and the kids enjoy a friendly game of basketball. her playing basketball with the kids clearly demonstrates that not all cops are rude but can actually be friendly.

A Michigan police officer goes out of his way to help out a dad going through some hard times. The cop originally pulled him over because of his tinted windows. when he saw the cop approaching him he felt nervous and scared and expected the worst. when the cop pulled him over he noticed that the suspects daughter was in the back with no car seat, so he tells the dad to follow him to Walmart and bought him a car seat.
Police officer Jeremy Henwood was inside a McDonalds waiting for his dinner when a young boy approaches him and asks him for 10 cents for some cookies but instead teh cop buys them for the little boy. a couple minutes afterwards the cop gets shot and eventually dies. the video of him doing this kind deed show how he went on about his life, he was very nice and always served his community.