Netiquette Do's and Don'ts

Kayla Harmon

What is netiquette?

Netiquette means the proper way to say or do things on the internet. It also helps you stay safe on the internet.

What can you do?

You can

-Always make sure you have proper punctuation, so its easy to follow what your saying.

-It add your friends on your social media.

-To post pictures or a status about your vacation once you are at home.

-You can send a page request to a friend, but only once so you don't make them mad.

-You can make status's about you and your friend, or what you did that day.

What you really dont want to do

-Don't put all of your words in capital, because it makes difficult for the reader. Or the reader might take it as if you have a attitude.

-You don't want to use other peoples words or work without permission.

-Never add people on social media unless you know them, because you never know what they are trying to do.

-Don't tell the whole world you are not at home or going somewhere, because that lets burglars know that house is empty.

-Always make sure your not putting to much information out in the air for everyone to know.