Corruption in Society

How there is corruption in society today?

Social Media & Advertising

Today in our society the number one thing that controls us, especially our youth, is social media. You see an advertisement with a "beautiful" model and young girls want to be her or a man with a lot of money and women and boys want a lifestyle like his. But the truth is its almost always fake, a fairytale that everyone believes they can have as a reality if they do this with their makeup or buy that product. They all are followers of social media in hopes of being accepted. Individuality is not very common anymore because everyone sets and follows a guideline made by fake people in our society.

In the Church.. Still

Just like in the Middle Ages, a lot of our churches are corrupt. Many preachers have done well for their material wants because they take donations that often never go towards the church.

Political System

One of the worst, most corrupt parts of our modern day society is the political system. This year is an election year and like always there are plenty of lies to go around. Except, this year in particular has been very heated between the scandals and accusations. Both are seemingly unqualified but of course nobody knows for sure with all the false statements that have been made. So most people are confused, uncertain & remain undecided on who our next president should be.