Freak the Mighty

Maya Jacobson class period 6

Analysis of the Development of Theme

Max, a large boy with a learning disability, and Freak, a very short boy with a growing disability, become best friends over the summer. When Freak is on top of Max's shoulders, they walk high above the world as Freak the Mighty. They are an unstoppable team. They have many great adventures. They called it, "Slaying dragons and fools and walking high above the world." The quote symbolizes that when they are together, they can achieve anything. They spent about a year together before Freak passed away. Throughout their unforgettable adventures together, they teach the reader that with a bit of teamwork, you can accomplish anything.

Reflection and Application of Theme

The theme is very good. Of course there is more themes to the story, but I agree with this on the most. This is the theme that recognized first. I feel like this is one of the of this story. I think this is a very well developed because it has all the qualities of a good theme and it applies to everyone. I also think its a very important theme to my generation. Lots of kids in my generation are going threw depression, and they need a reminder once in a while that they have to keep it together and enjoy their life. Kids in my generation are self harming and sometimes even suicide. This theme doesn't apply to just them either, everyone needs to live life to its fullest because it doesn't last forever.

Visual Representations

The Summary

Freak the Mighty was created by two best friends. Their names are, Freak and Max. They have so many adventures together. One of them is, they almost got killed by Blade and his gang, but luckily ran into a swamp where they where safe. Another one is when they tried to return a lost purse but almost got beat by Iggy, a crazy biker. Since Freak has a growing disability, he told Max that he was getting a new body so that he wouldn't be scared when he dies. When Freak was in the hospital, he gave Max a journal to fill with their adventures, even though he didn't know how to write. Max didn't go to Freaks funeral. But he did recover from the loss of his friend.