by: Meera Pandya

what i think

I think that vaccines are a very important part of life because with out them our world could easily turn into a very dangerous place. viruses spread so easily from one person to even by walking in the air that someone contagious has been in can make you very harshly sick.

59% of adults getting the measles again!

Because of the lack of vaccinations being taken levels for the very harmful sickness is back and spreading.

It's better to be protected from a virous than not!

50 states in the world require certain vaccines

So many countries and states don't have certain vaccine rules

Many states and even countries in the U.S allow people to not take vaccines that should be taken by every person. This mean some diseases that are life threatening could come back to a person and then spread throughout many people and potently the world.

the other side

Vaccines have there good sides but they also do have there bad qualities. vaccinations can also threaten the health of children and give them a very fatal disease. Also parents should have the right to choose what they want for there childe because sometimes they might be right.