LASE Update 5/16/2016



May meeting minutes are up on the LASE website!

You will also be getting an email from me very soon to update our LASE member list. This info is vital to make sure no one misses any information as we start a new year! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me (

  • From this email you will receive please enter in your contact info if it is current.
  • If you will be changing positions you can fill out the form when you know your finalized new contact info
  • If you know of someone changing positions who may not be on our current list please make sure your forward them the email so they can get their updated contact info on our list for next year!

HB 2379 - Dyslexia Mandates has passed

HB 2379, the bill that creates a Legislative Task Force on Dyslexia and creates a number of new mandates for schools related to dyslexia screening, supports and training has passed. Here is the Link to the final bill language so everyone can read exactly what the bill requires of all schools. I would urge you to read it and share with general education peers in your district as this will implemented by general education not special education.

Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) WORKSHOP SERIES

MO-CASE is planning a regional series of workshop sessions to help school districts establish a viable Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS). The following points describe the current state of our planning for these workshops:

  • The workshop series will consist of three full day sessions, held over a period extending from late September through early March. We are planning to offer the series at five sites - St. Joseph, Springfield, Columbia, Kirksville and Cape Girardeau – depending on level of interest in each region.
  • Dr. Kaye Otten and Beth Wood will facilitate and guide the sessions. They are both accomplished practioners, who have successful experience coaching districts in development and implementation of plans for MTSS. Both academic and behavior intervention will be addressed in each session, as part of a comprehensive plan.
  • These are work sessions, not sit and get. While brief presentations to help set the context and parameters of the work will occur, the outcome for each session is for districts to complete part of a written plan for a viable MTSS.
  • Learning outcomes and plan components include:
  1. Class-wide preventative intervention in general education
  2. Universal screening
  3. Progress monitoring including expected rate of improvement
  4. Data-based action triggers and decision making cut points
  5. Tiers of differentiated evidence- based intervention, including intensive intervention
  6. Fidelity of implementation

Districts who participate must already be committed to these outcomes. While details of plans will vary from district to district, the structure of the plans should be consistent with MTSS guidance documents that MO-CASE has adopted, Missouri PBIS, and Missouri DESE requirements for Response to Intervention.

Participants must be part of a district team, with a 3 to 1 ratio of general educators to those associated with special education. Teams must include a district-level staff member who can commit district resources and direct district implementation of plans.

The total fee for the series (three full day sessions) is $900 per district team. Teams may include up to 5 members.

If interested please discuss with your superintendent and district level administrative teams, and respond to by May 20th if possible.

New Special Education Teacher Academy 2016-17

This 4 day academy is designed to take new Special Education Teachers through the entire special education process including quality eligibility determinations, writing quality and standards based IEPs, being in compliance with Federal and State regulations, and much more. In addition, this year long academy provides new teachers with a much needed venue to ask questions and find resources in the most challenging year of teaching. Technical assistance will also be provided.

Please note: This training is for first year special education teachers ONLY.

Day 1-August 23, 2016: Special Education Process/Standards and Indicators/Hot Topics

Day 2-October 27, 2016: Writing Quality IEPs

Day 3-January 26, 2017: Evaluation Process and Technical Assistance

Day 4-April 11, 2017: Creating Standards Based IEPs

Cost per participant is $100.00

Link to Register:

Foundations of Project Construct Preschool Training

Foundations of Project Construct Preschool Training consists of three modules specifically designed for educators of children ages 3-5. Together, these three modules provide information about constructivist theory and its application. During each module, experienced educators will share practical ideas and "hands-on, minds-on" learning experiences. Sessions include small- and large-group discussions and activities with opportunities to address issues participants face every day.

This first training will cover Module 1 (3 days):
Focuses on how to create and sustain a developmentally appropriate learning environment for children ages 3-5. You will learn practical strategies for establishing a rich learning environment, teaching practices that promote children's social and emotional development, creative ideas for helping children become independent learners, and effective ways to have intentional play in your classroom.

Future trainings will be scheduled to cover Module 2 & 3

Purchase orders are required as Project Construct will be billing for this training. Please fax (417-836-7674), email ( or bring a paper copy of the purchase order to the first day of training.

Link to register: