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Hey guys

Yep, we know, it's been remarkably quiet on the Aker front of late. No, we haven't disappeared, never to be heard of again, we've been working our wriggly little butts off.

We do have a confession to make though. Our call for submissions for Issue One was so successful and we got so excited by all the amazing stuff people sent us, that we accepted way more than we initially intended and it's taking us longer to produce than we thought it would.

So, while we hurry to get Issue One cooked and ready to serve, here is a quick look at some of the rad stuff to come...

Oh and the picture above is Tommy by the uber talented Johan Jagernet

Alyson Miller


Her body is a monster. Cow-heavy, she is flesh held by an architecture of cartilage, muscle and bone, the strange wet silkiness of eyes and the protection of hair, nails and skin. Alien things move inside her, the travel of blood and the intestines, the pulsing of abject shapes and liquids. And there is the curiosity of her face after sleep, with its oils and crusted rheum and breath of decay, a grotesque echo of the night’s biology...

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Cassandra Atherton


It starts with boysenberry swirls behind my eyelids. Twirling like curls of paper ribbon. I can smell vanilla. Not that cheap scent that clings to teenage girls’ wrists, but pure vanilla. Long brown stalks of vanilla, tall and slender. Standing upright in a glass tumbler. In your very seventies kitchen. I hear the sound you make in the back of your throat. Almost a growl. Bear. Bare. And then your tongue is looped through my belly ring. Its pointed, pink tip darting in and out of the silver circle. I arch my back....

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Josh Barnes


The President has a plate collection
The President prefers Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to Crosby, Stills & Nash
On Thursdays at 8 o’clock The President goes to a ballroom dance class
The President prefers cats to dogs, but gets along well with both
The President does not really like sports
The President is afraid of spiders, paper cuts and public speaking
Your President prefers magazines to novels
The President has a sister that he does not visit
The President is not married
The President does not pretend to understand art
The President does not own a bathing suit
The President is pale
The President prefers fashion shows to cinemas
The President, as a rule, does not use public toilets
The President has never seriously considered suicide, though many of his close friends have
The President likes to cook, but isn’t very good at it all
The President is very charming in the way people like

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